Patio Doors

Keep the weather and rain outside with new patio doors installed by Teeters Windows & Remodeling

Multiple Choices

Your first choice when selecting a patio door is whether to purchase a French, swinging or sliding patio door. Traditional French doors have hinges instead of a sliding mechanism, so the door swings in or out. They give you a classic look, but require more room to operate since they often swing into your living space.

Sliding patio doors are a perfect fit for tight spaces. They feature one operable glass section that slides open and closed within the door frame alongside a fixed glass panel.

If you love the look of a French door, yet want the space-saving efficiency of a sliding door, French-style sliding doors are also available. Wider frames and taller bottom rails give these sliding doors a more traditional look.

What it's made of

Patio doors are constructed from a wide range of materials, including wood, clad wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Quality vinyl doors are an economical choice. They’re attractive, low maintenance and energy efficient, plus come in variety of designs, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect door for your home.

Wood patio doors offer a rich look and classic beauty, along with the added energy efficiency that comes with wood’s natural thermal insulation properties. They’re also available with vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass cladding, which covers the wood, protecting it from harmful elements. Quality cladding helps eliminate rotting, warping and bowing, offers durability and resists fading.

High Energy

New patio doors not only make your home more secure and add to its beauty, but they also can dramatically increase energy efficiency. Teeters Windows and Remodeling has chosen only to represent doors that offer you the highest energy efficiency, with options such as Low-E glass, Argon gas between panes and multi-point locking systems. Simply call us and we’ll help you explore all of your options and determine the right choice for your home and lifestyle.