Stop Cleaning Gutters with a Gutter ProTech Protection System

Gutters and Gutter Protection

Protecting Your Home

No image available Not many jobs around the house are more unpleasant and daunting than the bi-annual chore of climbing a high ladder to clean your gutters. And yet few tasks are more important. Overflowing gutters can compromise roof performance and cause leaks in your roof or around flashing. Clogged gutters can also impede the flow water away from your house, ultimately leading to a damp basement or foundation problems.

Teeters Windows and Remodeling is the exclusive Gutter ProTech®gutter guard system installer for Central Ohio homes. Nearly invisible, virtually self cleaning and maintenance free all year round, our Gutter ProTech® system protects the value and beauty of your home.

The Superior System

Unlike other gutter guards, Gutter ProTech won’t compromise your roof's warranty, because it’s never nailed onto or screwed into the roof itself. Instead, this unique panel system screws right onto your gutters. And Gutter ProTech’s modular panels are far easier and less expensive to repair if they are ever damaged by a severe storm. Other systems use an all-in-one single unit design, demanding that you replace the entire gutter unit, plus gutter guard itself.

No image available The Gutter ProTech protection system uses a baked-on finish to create surface adhesion, pulling water across the gutter and down into dual rows of large louvered openings. It rejects large leaves, pine needles and other tree debris, but allows rain and smaller particles to drain inside gutters. This amazing system is virtually self-cleaning – remaining debris just dries up and rolls away. Because there are no top openings or spaces to squeeze into, your gutters won't become home to damaging seedlings, bird's nests or squirrels.

Clearly Better

With more than 200 different gutter guard systems on the market, it’s easy to see why Gutter ProTech® is far superior:

  • Gutter ProTech® installs onto new or existing gutters that are less than five years old. (We recommend installing new ones if your existing gutters are more than five years old.)
  • The system is available in copper and 32 colors of aluminum, offering the perfect match for any roof or home exterior colors.
  • Modular three-foot panels are designed to be easily replaced in case one section is damaged.
  • Heavy gauge aluminum panels (.027-inches thick) are stronger than other gutter covers, resisiting damage from tree branches.
  • They install with stainless steel screws, providing long-term rust-free durability and protection from natural elements.
  • Gutter ProTech® can handle up to 22-inches of rain per hour.
  • Secured right to your gutter, not your roof, Gutter ProTech® won’t void your roof warranty.
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty covers manufacturing defects, paint and rust-free operation.
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