Protect and beautify your homes exterior with affordable siding

Modern Siding's Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Few improvements have a more dramatic impact on your home’s exterior appearance than new siding. It can give a tired home a fresh and exciting new look. At Teeters Windows and Remodeling, we carry the finest brands of fiber-cement and vinyl siding – offered in every imaginable color and texture.

Masterful Installation

Teeters’ master installers specialize in both vinyl and fiber-cement siding installation. Proper installation is the crucial for ensuring that your siding looks spectacular and performs at its peak. Improperly installed siding can make a home look far worse than ever, showing large seams, waves and bowed spots. With Teeters expert installation, however, you never have to worry. You have Brian Teeters’ personal pledge that the job will be done properly and your siding will look beautiful for years to come.

The Choice is Yours

You have many siding choices. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance product available at a number of price points. New vinyl technology advancements mean that you have more options available to you. Insulated vinyl siding, for example, is a great new option that can increase your home’s R-value (which measures energy efficiency) by 25%.

Fiber-cement is an exciting option for many of our customers. This incredibly durable product can be painted any color. Fiber-cement siding endures the elements like nothing else. It resists moisture and will never rot.

Dazzling Details

Teeters also carries a full complement of trim, decorative vents and shutters that create the perfect finishing touch for your home’s beautiful new exterior. At Teeters’ Columbus near Gahanna showroom, our knowledgeable siding experts can answer your questions. We’ve arranged for you to compare siding products and options in a comfortable, pressure free environment. Or call us -- we’ll arrange an appointment where one of our expert representatives comes right to your home. Because Teeters carries so many different products and options, you’ll find the perfect look and price to suit your lifestyle, your taste and your budget.